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Simplified Commercial Real Estate in the East Valley

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As a small or medium-sized business owner in Arizona, you may need assistance to help you achieve your goals and make your life easier. That’s why I’m here.

If you are in the East Valley (Chandler, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, Queen Creek), I’m a local market advisor who can help you navigate the complexities of commercial real estate with a simplified commercial real estate process. I understand the unique needs of SMB owners, and I’m here to act as an extension of your business.

I simplify the process for our tenants, paying close attention to every detail throughout the process. 

I make sure property owners have a complete understanding of the representation process.

I have deep understanding of the buyer representation process and will help you through each step of the way.

Featured Chandler Properties

744 W Ray Rd

Country Estates – Gilbert, AZ

Built in 2006

1,076 SF of Retail Space

$23.00 /SF/YR

4340 W Chandler Blvd

Windsor at Stellar Business Center

Chandler, AZ

Built in 2004

26,200 SF of Industrial Space

$14.52 /SF/YR

565 W Chandler Blvd, Bldg B

Chandler, AZ

Built in 2005/Renovated 2018

1,418 SF of Office Space

$25.00 /SF/YR

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What My Clients Are Saying

Jim Hall
“Sam is very knowledgeable in CRE and has a passion for helping people get the best property at the best location for the best overall cost. If you don’t learn something from Sam, you’re not paying attention.”

Response from Sam Kapur: "Thanks for the kind words Jim. It's always nice to do business with good people."

Flores Institute of Nail Design
“Sam helped me find the perfect location during a massive time crunch after my previous realtor did not work out. He went above and beyond to find us many locations to look at in that short period of time. He listens to what you need, is thorough through the whole process, and easy to reach. He was a pleasure to work with and we would recommend him to anyone needing help in commercial realty.”

Response from Sam Kapur: "Thanks for all the kind words. I'm glad we were able to find a space within 30 days in order to avoid a distribution in your business."

James DeVary
“Sam is very knowledge and has his finger on the pulse with the local real estate market.”

Response from Sam Kapur: "Thanks for the kind words James and for all you do in the local community."

Amanda Mowbray
“Sam went above and beyond to help us find the right space for our business. He guided us through each step of the process and it was clear he is an expert in his field. We are so glad to have found Sam and would highly recommend him.

Response from Sam Kapur: "Thanks Amanda, it was a pleasure working with you and I'm looking forward to your continued success."

Amber Neubauer
“Sam was a great help in finding me our first office space. He was patient, responsive and honest about whether or not some of my expectations were reasonable. If ever I find myself in need of additional space, Sam will be my first call!”

Response from Sam Kapur: "Thanks Amber, you area pleasure to work with and the epitome of patience."

Chris Seilgs
“Sam was great to work with. He responded quickly and was easy to do business with.”

Response from Sam Kapur: "Thanks Chris, I'm looking forward to seeing the space once it's open for business."

Alisa Tyler
“Sam Kuper is the most amazing Commercial Real Estate Agent ever! He is personable, patient, professional and proficient in helping you find the space of your dreams! He was excellent in educating me in the various types of leases to determine which type would work best for my business, as well as discovering my preferences to assist him in sourcing properties to review. He truly cares about helping you find exactly what you want. Easily accessible, very informative and a great communicator, he knows how to turn your wishes into reality – in a short amount of time. I think it was less than 3 weeks from the time we met to the time I signed my new lease and got keys to the most incredible space I ever imagined. This space exceeded my expectations with everything I wanted, and he made it happen!! Thank you Sam, I’m going to miss working with you, but I’ll be the first to tell everyone I know about you and your stellar service. You are a Godsend! I appreciate you so much! And for anybody reading this review, look no further for the best agent you will ever find and tell everybody you know! Sam Kuper is all you’ll ever need – and then some!!”

Response from Sam Kapur: "Thanks Alisa, helping small business owners like you is the reason I'm a Commercial Real Estate Broker. I truly appreciate you."

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rent Abatement?

Rent abatement should not be mistaken for free rent, as they are not the same. Unlike free rent which is given upfront, rent abatement is the period of free rent that is added to the end of the lease term. For instance, if your rental term is 60 months and you have been granted 3 months of abated rent, you won’t pay rent for the first 3 months but the full rental term will be extended to 63 months.

This offers tenants the chance to improve their cashflow at the beginning of their lease, allowing them to increase revenue or prepare their new workspace for opening.

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What makes retail space different from office space?

The simple answer is zoning. Retail spaces are put in areas that can handle high traffic demands with people going in and out. While office space has high traffic demands twice a day for people coming to work and leaving work. Other differences include types of leases where most retail spaces will have triple net (NNN) leases and office space will have Modified Gross (MG) or Full Service (FS) leases.

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What are tenant improvements and who pays for them?

Tenant improvements refer to renovations or alterations made to a rental space to meet the specific needs and preferences of the tenant. These improvements can range from simple cosmetic upgrades like painting or carpeting to major structural modifications like adding walls
or elevators.

The payment for tenant improvements is often negotiable between the landlord and the tenant. In some cases, the landlord may agree to foot the bill for certain upgrades as a means of attracting and retaining tenants, while in other cases, the tenant may agree to cover the cost of
the improvements. Current market conditions play a large role in dictating who has the leverage in the negotiations.

The specifics of who pays for tenant improvements are typically outlined in the lease agreement between the landlord and tenant.

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How much square footage does a company need per employee?

The square footage required per employee varies greatly depending on the industry, type of work being done, and company culture. However, a general guideline for office space is between 125-225 square feet per employee. Some companies may require additional space for equipment or storage, while others may have a more open floor plan with shared workstations. The trend has also shifted towards more flexible and collaborative workspaces, allowing for hot-desking and remote work options. Additionally, some companies may prioritize employee comfort and amenities, such as lounges, kitchenettes, or wellness areas, which can increase the required space per employee. Ultimately, the amount of square footage needed per employee should be determined by a careful analysis of the company’s specific needs and goals.

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Do you need a broker in order to tour commercial spaces?

In general, you do not need a broker to tour commercial spaces, but it can be helpful to have one. If you are looking for a commercial space to lease or purchase for your business, you can often contact the property owner or the listing agent directly to arrange a tour. However,
working with a commercial real estate broker can provide a number of benefits. Brokers have access to a wider range of properties, can negotiate better lease or purchase terms on your behalf, and can provide valuable advice and expertise throughout the process. Additionally, using a broker typically does not cost anything for the tenant or buyer, as the broker is usually paid a commission by the landlord or seller. Ultimately, whether to use a broker when touring commercial spaces depends on your individual needs and preferences.

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What is a triple net (NNN) lease?

A triple net lease is a commercial real estate lease agreement where the tenant is responsible forpaying property expenses such as insurance, taxes, and maintenance in addition to the base rent. The triple refers to three expenses: insurance, taxes, and maintenance. The landlord is responsible for structural repairs, but the tenant is responsible for repairs to their leased space. In a triple net lease, the tenant takes on a significant amount of risk and responsibility. Triple net leases are most common in retail spaces, but can also be found in office buildings and industrial facilities.

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